Software development is specialized in building web and mobile applications for businesses, as well as for individuals.

We build softwares that meet your business needs and provide better value to your customers, while differentiating your company in the competitive business world. Our goal is to create custom applications that work optimally for your business.

With over a decade of experience in building applications, we offer our expertise to help you improve your online services and automate business processes. During these years, we have built applications of all type of categories and sizes. Our skilled developers offer the best practices for your custom solution or product using the latest technology. We offer a full-cycle application development, from requirements elicitation to product design and development. We are focused in delivering high quality, on-time and cost-effective applications.

Web Development

Most of our projects are web based applications, thus our team has a large experience in web development technologies. In our company we mainly work with .NET technology.

Web development can range from building a simple website (including company history, contacts and services), which is a good presentation of your company, to complex web applications, that can be used by your staff, partners or customers.

We cover all stages of web development from system requirements, design and development, database design, hosting to support and maintenance.

Mobile Development

Nowdays, mobile technology and smartphones have not only changed our daily lives, but have also transformed the way we do business. The major part of companies in the whole world are perfoming their business activities from mobile devices. Also the majority of site’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile solutions will help you boost real-time access to critical business information, while reducing costs and enabling faster decision making, improvement of online services, competitive advantages ect.  So, having a mobile application will help your employees work more efficiently and your customers reach you more easily, despite of their location and devices.

Our expert mobile application developers follow the latest developments in mobile technologies and tools, so if you want to build a mobile application, we are the best choice.  Our mobile services include:

  1. Mobile applications:   
    • We use Xamarin platform, which enables the development of cross-platform mobile applications. We write apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows.
    • We build native mobile applications using Java for Android systems, and .Net Framework for Windows Phone.
  2. Mobile web applications:
    • We build responsive sites using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS. Bootstrap framework is used for responsive UI.
    • Mobile sites using Jquery Mobile.