Online Advertising and Marketing


According the statistics for 2017, from AKEP (The Authority for Postal and Electronic Communication), more than 1.8 milion albanians have internet access.

This huge rise of the penetration of internet in the Albanian society, has made possible for the online advertising to gain more and more space in the marketing budget of the companies, located in Albania., one of the first medias that has approached this kind of service, by promoting it and educating the market, offers some of the most innovative online advertising options in Albania, with the same profesionalism and standard of the West.

Why advertise on

  • It is The Main Informative Portal in Albania
  • Ranks among The Most Visited webpages in the country
  • Your ad is displayed 24/7
  • Competitive prices with the traditional medias: TV, Print, Radio, Billboard
  • High efficiency ratio of CPM
  • Real Time stats of your campaign
  • Targetted audience


Banner Advertising and PR Articles according the international standards and quality for online ads.

Advertising Campaign on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

E-mail Marketing and SMS Marketing on confirmed databases and with the possibility to segmentate the audience based on: Sex, Age, Location. A detailed report is offered at the end of each campaign.