Njoftime në ikub.al is where every Albanian may advertise a notice/announcement.

In this portal you can find the desired information on employment opportunities, properties for sale and rent, cars for sale, events in the city and any other type of notifications.


Unlike other sites, njoftime në ikub.al offers:

1. Fast and dedicated service by following up each and every notice with responsiveness during all its validity period. Assistance through the call center 7 days a week, from 8:00 to 20:00

2. New interface and innovative display for posting notices on the web and in Myikub smartphone application.

3. A high visibility opportunities in:

- Njoftime në ikub.al Portal (in desktop and mobile version)

- In dedicated sections of ikub.al home page.

- In My ikub application in Android

- In social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

- In Flybox / Digitalb

- Weekly Newsletter with your announcement to almost all the main businesses and individuals in Albania

4. Since we invest more than any other portal in Albania for branding our main web portal “ikub.al”, indirectly, your notice in our webpage is advertised free.

5. Customers can post in different ways their announcement:

a. Directly in our web portal njoftime.ikub.al

b. From their mobile phones (from mobile.ikub.al/njoftime, or through the Myikub application)

c. Via email to njoftime@ikub.al address

d. By contacting on our social networks FB / Twitter

e. By sending an SMS (or images via WhatsApp or Viber) to +355 697 060 066 mobile number

f. Calling our call center, +355 697060066 

g. By visiting our offices