Main Informative Portal in Albania ltd company began its work in 2006, with one of the most successful initiatives in the market, information portal. With a solid grouping of professionals, the company managed to build and bring to individuals and businesses a space where they can publish themselves all the information they want or to find the information they need. We believe that "Our information is your strength ..." as we believe that "Your information is our power to inform you even better."

Our team consists of a qualified staff of 45+ employees in the departments of development, sales, marketing, finance and data management. Company Mission company performs:

These are done through:

  • following the latest trends for media information using the most advanced technology developments
  • employing a professional staff
  • a transparent communication with staff, contractors, customers, partners (professionalism, ethics, politeness)
  • pure competition rules
  • providing an appropriate diversification of the activity

to meet the needs of the market for the above services in Albanian territory, but with phased expansion in neighboring countries (Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro) Company Principles

We believe Good Staff is crucial to our Company’s success

We do not compromise with Professionalism and Ethics

We create Friendly Environment for all staff, partners, and clients

We strive for the best product and best service

Stay Informed! It’s Better.